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Stone Crusher

Impact Stone Crusher

Raw materials: Granite, limestone, basalt, shale, river stone, bluestone, sandstone, calcium carbide, iron ore, cooper, steel slag
Application: Mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, water conservancy, chemical industry
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Impact Stone Crusher

PC Impact Stone Crusher Overview

Shanzhuo has introduced advanced technology from home and abroad to successfully design and manufacture the up-to-date impact Stone Crusher in line with the specific industrial and mining conditions in China. The new impact Stone Crusher can be used for intermediate and fine crushing in the second and third grade.

The impact Stone Crusher is designed with cubic shape and features convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving. It can achieve selective crushing.

PC Impact Stone Crusher Features

1.Stone crusher with high crushing ratio, influence feed hole, can basins the hole and small powder products.
2.Crushing is conducted with multiple crushing cavity.The influence of stone crusher is especially suitable for hard rock crushing.
3.Rotor design is the most advanced finite element analysis technology to local reinforcement.
4.High chromium plate hammer with crystal alloy leads to its good impact resistance and abrasion resistance.
5.Wedge clamp is used to prevent stone hammer crusher rotor plate fixation.
6.Affect the space between the plate and plate hammer is convenient to adjust.Cubic - shaped products.
7.Impact crushed stone is smaller, takes up very little space.
8.Design of the hydraulic open device, simple and convenient operation, installation and maintenance.
9.New wear-resisting material plate hammer, impact plate and longer service life of lining.

PC Impact Stone Crusher Application

The impact Stone Crusher is used for crushing various Stones, constructing railway, expressway roadbed and dam area of power station, producing artificial dinas for the building industry, etc. It is used to crush coarse, medium and fine Stones whose compressive strength is no m than 300MPa and Moh's hardness is lower than the 8th degree, such as limeStone, basalt, granite, concrete, slag, cement block, etc.

Our  type of PC type is the largest impact crusher in China and the second largest crusher in the world. It shows that China has caught up the international standardsin the large scale crushing equipment field,welcome to order our crushing machine.

Impact Stone Crusher Tecknology Data

Type Feeding Hole Dimension(mm) Maximum Feedstock Granularity(mm) Rotor Dimension(mm*mm) Handling Ability
Power(kw) Overall Dimension
PC-1007V 400*730 250 Φ1000*700 20~40 55 2400*1560*2660 9.8
PC-1010V 400*1080 300 Φ1000*1050 60~90 75 2440*2250*2630 12.8
PC-1210V 400*1080 350 Φ1250*1050 70~120 132 2700*2340*2900 14.6
PC-1214V 400*1430 350 Φ1250*1400 80~140 132/160 2700*2690*2890 17
PC-1315V 860*1520 350 Φ1320*1500 150~200 220 3100*3280*2670 21.5
PC-1320V 860*2030 500 Φ1320*1200 200~280 315 3329*3205*3279 25
PC-1416V 1052*1652 500 Φ1420*1600 280~350 315/280 4905*3154*2613 29
PC-1520V 2040*1315 700 Φ1512*2000 350~450 400/450 3849*3422*3649 44
PC-1620V 2040*1315 700 Φ1612*2000 450~550 500 3949*2520*3426 47
PC-1820V 1620*2040 700 Φ1800*2000 550~700 630/710 4471*3250*4008 66
PC-2024V 1800*2430 1200 Φ2000*2400 800~1100 1120 4800*4740*4180 115
PC-2325V 2210*2540 1500 Φ2300*2500 1000~1400 1250/1450 5360*5075*4679 158

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